Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latte Daze

"What?" I protest. "You can't threaten me with no dessert now." He growls and chomps on the popcorn. I watch him for a minute. "It's got a goofy saying on it, huh?" More chomping. "Yes." I grin. "What's it say?" "I'm not going to tell you. You'll mock me." "Then I'll just come Monday to see it." I gesture to him with a kernel of popcorn. "Want to be mocked in private at the table here or in public next to the sea otter exibit?" "I don't work with sea otters." "Jack." He sighs and throws another popcorn kernel at my head. "It says, Save the Animals- We can Zoo it." He ducks his head and winces. "Well, that's not too bad," I say. He lifts his head and squints at me. "What?" "I mean, it's not like We're just zooing out job or We Zoo this so you can Zoo that or Zoo days are better then One." He's laughing now. "Nutkin." "Saving the animals is a very noble cause, and I think you can zoo it," I say, keeping my expression very serious. He snorts. "Nutkin." "I mean, if you guys weren't going to zoo it, who would?" "Maya!" I start giggling. "Or if you-" "Hey!" Jen yells from the living room. "We are trying to watch a very romantic scene where Ike and Maggie are finally falling in love and you are ruining it!" "Sorry Jen." "Sorry Jenny." She's still frustrated. "I mean it. Keep it down in there!" "We will, Jen," Jack says, his voice all pacifying. "We'll zoo our best," I holler back. Jack loses it. He snorts loudly and bursts into gut-wrenching laughter. He's trying to hold it in, but it's spilling out as he leans back in the kitchen chair. "Hey!" Jen yells again. "Sorry Jen," I say nicely, "Jack's being loud." Travis rubs Jen's arm. "He does work in a zoo." I have to bite my thumb to keep from laughing

So that's a quote from the novel Latte Daze by Erynn Mangum. And yes, she is going to be out next featured author. I sent out the questions today and she'll send them back ASAP. She has definatly made it onto my favorites list. I love this girl! I hope you guys will love her to. Her books are definatly classified as CAN'T PUT DOWN!!!!!!

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