Thursday, May 19, 2011


Every day, I read a quote for the day. It's on this website with lots of quotes and every day there is a new one. So every day, when I go on the computer, I go about my routine, emails, the Nancy Rue teen blog, checking in on the blogs that I follow, facebook and this website (to see the quote of the day.) So today, I was going about my routine. I had logged into my emails, checked the comments on the N.R.T.B, checked to see if there were any new blog updates (only 1) and checked facebook. Then, I went to this website and checked the quote of the day. Now I love quotes. On my computer, I have a word document filled with quotes that mean something to me. I have them color coated so I can find the one's I want quickly. So I went to this website today, and this was the quote for today.

"Undefined." That's it. That's all it said. I find something comforting about reading the quote of the day. Today, there was no quote, and for some reason, that made me sad. Every day, there's this quote, describing the author's feelings for that day. Today, it was undefined. Ever have one of those undefined days? I mean those days when you can't put anything into words, where nothing seems to make sense. I know I do. There was something about seeing that, that made me realize that life can be undefinable sometimes. Sometimes there are no words you can say to describe what you're going through. Sometimes all it is is undefinable. Sometimes life is like that. There are no words you can say to describe it, it can't be defined. I know my life is like that a lot.

So here's my quote for the day. Here's a quote that maybe get's a little closer to uncovering the mystery of my undefinable life.

Sometimes it seems safer to hold it all in, where the only person who can judge is yourself


Emii said...

That is just so true, Alisha. Would you mind giving me the link to the quote site? I love quotes, too.

Alisha said...

Sure, I would love to share. The link is www.hollie'
You can also find it by googling Hollie's Quotes.
I've seen so many quote websites, but I really love this one.