Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I survived this one...

Today… was better. Not amazing, not wonderful, but better. I actually got 6 or so hours of sleep last night rather than the 4 or so hours I got the night before. I’m still in pain but it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. Hopefully it will keep getting better. Hopefully the doctors will be able to figure out what’s wrong with me soon.

I did some school this morning, a whole bunch of tests coming up in the next few days (Math, Science, Spelling and Missions) and I had an LA test today. We went into town after school was done, went to the chiropractor, got groceries, picked up a book (written by my best friend’s mom, so excited to read it!)

Did I mention I got a flower? I know it’s just a flower but I’m gonna try really hard to keep it alive this summer. Cause I’m like a flower murderer or something.

Here's my quote for the day, which I am adding at the bottom of my post, just cause

'I got through this, I survived and the next one I'll survive even better'

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Jocelyn said...

What happened? Why are you sick? I hope you get better soon! Love you!
P.s did you ever get my letter?