Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yellow Wiggle Syndrome (More on Dysautonomia)

I stumbled across this article written by Greg Page (Aka the yellow wiggle.) He was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, and his goal is to raise awareness for this invisible illness. His story was something I could immediatly relate with, and the message he has to share is one I think most people with an invisible illness (Or a few!) want to share, and that is to use your voice, to be a face behind the disease, and to just raise awareness so that one day there can be better treatment options, or even a cure.
(Also, if you're interested, this website has a lot of information about dysautonomia in youth especially, with sections for friends or teachers)

Dysautonomia is something I have been dealing with for 3 years. And though I was only diagnosed a few short days ago, I've known for months. For months I have been fighting to get into a doctor, to go see a specialist, to get this test ordered. And now it's over... That really is kind of wierd for me.

During this week, I want to raise awareness, not only for Dysautonomia, but also for Glycogen Storage Disease.
Both Conditions have impacted my life so greatly and have changed who I am forever. To be able to raise awareness for both the conditions that have changed my life is something I can do.
I want to give all Invisible Illnesses a voice, and to stand up and use mine. I want to be a face behind the disease. I'm a real patient, a real human being, with real stories of how these conditions have changed my life.
Stand up, be proud of who you are, and do what you can to use your voice and make a difference in the lives of people like me.

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