Thursday, February 23, 2012

A love that moves

I've been re-reading one of my books lately. It really spoke to me last time I read it, and this time around, again, I wanted more. My efforts were met. Every chapter spoke to me, but today's chapter really hit me. It was on a love that moves. One of the quotes was this: "God's love gives us the ability to go back to a place of pain, and make it a place of ministry as well." I think that, in my pain, I don't see it as ministry. I complain, I question, I hurt. It's about me. But what would happen if I took my focus off of myself? God's love, the same love He used to rescue this broken girl, free's me. It will bring me to a place where I am no longer chained, but free. God's love for me is fierce, breaking down every wall, bringing hope to this soul. I am carrying a message of love that can change my world. Sarah Groves says "There are many losing battles worth investing in, simply because winning isn't the point." Pro-life is one of those things I feel strongly about. It excites me and gets me fired up. But maybe 'winning' isn't the point. We live in a world where people are fighting for the right to get safe abortions, to end the lives of those who aren't necessarily healthy or planned. So maybe winning isn't the point. maybe banning abortions isn't the point. Maybe it's that one life, the one life that can be saved. maybe it's about love. we have the opportunity to show the love of God, because He first loved us. He came into this broken world to win our hearts, and He gave us the message of love to carry. Love is a voice for the voiceless, a light in the darkness. If we carry the message of love to our world, we can change it. Love, not winning, is what matters. It is love that offers hope to our dying, empty world. And love is an incredible movement to be a part of.

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Trinka said...

Wow. This is a pretty powerful post! I've made it life to live in love. It's not easy, but because of Christ's love and grace, I can show love and love people!