Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar's Night

I just spent nearly an hour re-organizing my Itunes playlists, giving everything cool new names. Probably not the best way I could have used my time, but my Itunes playlist is looking pretty great right now. (Now let's hope I don't get tired of my organized creative self anytime soon and decide to scrap this and start all over.) (Let's also hope that with my new creative names I can actually remember which songs are under which heading.) So here's what my new playlists look like...
BlackBerry Summer (Childhood songs)
Freedom Worship (Praise and Worship)
Just Enough Dark to See (Anything I'm loving at the moment.)
Like Steel and Lace (Kinda like Starbucks in Music, just something for when I need a pick-me-up)
Paper Violets (Folk-y, Rock-y, dance music...)
Songbirds and Country Boots (Country, what else?)
Stars and Scars (Sick related inspiration.)
Wonderstruck (Love songs)

So that's my new playlists. I got very creative with names, so let's hope I can remember what is what.

Tonight were the Oscars. I did watch a little bit. I loved the dresses, and the acceptance speeches. It was fun to watch, and I started thinking about my own acceptance speech. So, clutching my waterbottle, (Thanks for the idea, Natalie!) I thanked everyone who brought me to this moment.

I want to thank the Academy (Because isn't that how all good speeches start?) I want to thank my horse, and my dog, for their snuggles and for making me throw balls and divide hay into piles, because it keeps me humble, and for the love they give me even when I'm not holding food. I want to thank my fans, because without them I never would have gotten to this place. I want to thank my parents, for giving me life, and raising me to become the brilliant person I am today. I want to thank the Committee who ran the block parties when I was younger, for casting me as the princess who laid on the pea, and fostered my love of acting. I want to thank all the music artists who have played a role in the soundtrack of my life ~ From Maroon 5 to the Beatles. I want to thank Old Navy Erdem for making my over sized tee shirt and sweats beautiful gown. I want to thank Justin Chambers for being gorgeous and filling my Thursdays with happiness.

That's my acceptance speech for the night. As far as Oscar Night goes I hope yours was filled with wonderful acceptance speeches and fun. I'm off to watch some Grey's!

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