Sunday, May 27, 2012


I've been trying my hand at poetry. I don't know if I'm very good at it, but I'm finding I love it. I'm writing everywhere, from jotting down notes in my cell phone to sitting at the computer and typing and letting my soul find it's voice once again. So here's something I wrote today

With sunshine in our hair and sunburns gracing our shoulders
With laughter, and jokes made and drinks shared
With hope in our hearts and smiles on our faces
With twinkling eyes and devilish smiles
With a little girl grabbing your skirt and laughing, her eyes dancing as you pull her into your arms
While we scream and laugh at bugs and fish and make jokes about the future
Because we can, you know, because we are still young
We are here, on the brink of becoming something marvelous
For some of us, we are here in these final days of high school, before we set off on a new adventure
For others, we are counting down the days until the school bell rings for the last time and we are set free
With longing in our souls and our eyes set on the horizon
But today, we are together
In this day, our hands are joined and our laughter still mingles together as it echoes out across the park
We are together, separate beings yet part of something bigger then we can hold in our hands
The future is so uncertain and everything in our lives is changing, yet we are still here
As we were the summer before, with our heads held high and our hands united
And as we are on our journey of becoming, as the future holds different things for each and every one of us, we are also here, as a group of people who formed this friendship that can’t be described by mere words
This friendship that has withstood hours squished together on a bus and reaching out and stepping out
This friendship that has been my anchor as the storms of this life pull me, as we have ministered to each other in times of heartbreak and tragedy and in hope
We are more than friends, they are family
And as we stand here on the cusp of becoming, we are together
The future is coming and for every one of us it holds something different
And as we welcome in summer with our heads held high, and hope in our hearts, we are together


Tess said...

Beautiful poem Alisha! So True, and sweet. XD

Nicole said...

I agree, a beautiful poem, Alisha! I love full of hope and truth and love - I feel like sunlight is pouring out from my computer screen because it has this wonderful poem on it! :)