Monday, May 14, 2012

Lessons from Karma

Today was one of those days when I kinda felt like a loser. It felt like the world kinda decided I needed things to be shaken up a bit and chose to dump some stuff on  me.                                                              There was a moment when all I wanted to do was cry, because seriously, I had no room for any more junk. I was done. I went upstairs, and looked out the window, and there were these adorable puppy eyes looking back at me, begging me to forget the world for a little bit and come out and throw a ball around. So I did, and here's what I learned...
  1. It's ok to take time to be ridiculous. Sometimes it makes things better. As I watched Karma go into this crazy-run-around-the-yard and then she just plops down. She just took those two minutes to be ridiculous. And not only did she get whatever was bugging her out of her system, it made me laugh just to watch her be ridiculous! Sometimes being ridiculous is all it takes
  2. As Karma lay at my feet, she offered up to me her belly, waiting for me to scratch her. She was laying on the ground, all fours up in the air, and she was trusting me to only touch her in love and not to hurt her. She was trusting me, and that kind of felt great. She was offering up to me herself, and she trusted me.
  3. Really, my dog doesn't care if I look like a mess! She doesn't care if I feel like a loser that day. She doesn't make any rude comments about my new haircut (She actually doesn't comment at all!), She doesn't say "Seriously, what were you thinking? That was the stupidest move you could have made, you know better!" She was just happy I was there, loving on her and being with her.
She kind of reminded me of God. He doesn't care if I acted like a total brat today, or made the biggest mistake, or if I did something so loser-ish - and that I did know better. He calls me on my stuff, yes, but He doesn't shake His finger at me or call me names of make me feel like a loser so I'll straighten up. He just says to me, "Oh darlin', that wasn't the best decision you've ever made, but I love you more then life itself. I'll help you through this, just stick with me, my love."
He doesn't care if I'm a total mess up, if I'm disheveled and dirty. He's still offering out his arms, ready to pull me into his arms and rest my head against His heart.
All day there was one line of a song stuck in my head: "If I'm your beloved, help me believe it."
And He did, teaching me about love, through a dog named Karma

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