Friday, June 15, 2012

7 (ah... 5 and a half) quick takes ~ Volume 8

1. So you may have noticed there's no picture today. That would be because my computer is broken, in the shop and i can't access any of my old computer files. so i'm stealing away these minutes, typing away on my mom's computer. hopefully my old one will get fixed right away. but until then, that's why i haven't been posting! I'm still here!
2. So... finals. I have all my exams this upcoming week, english on tuesday and math next friday. and then school's out! today ended my last day of actual classes so now it's just studying until exam time! it doesn't really seem real yet, that i have the exams and then i'm done!
3. So... remember that post I wrote last sunday, This is the Church I go to? (If not, check it out here)well... I got an email from my pastor this week... and he wants me to read it in church! to be honest, my first response was "There is no way i'm doing that! Are you kidding me?" he wasn't kidding... so, this sunday i'll be reading that blog post in church. it's actually a funny story (Ok, it's not that funny!) but for a while i'd really been wanting to share my story and stuff like that. God kept closing all these doors on stuff I was planning on doing (writing a book, for one) so I was like "Ok, well i'll just wait." and then my pastor emailed me, and asked me if i would be willing to do this. it was kind of like "Seriously, God?" All of a sudden there was this opportunity right in front of me. I almost laughed, because I am not good at public speaking (Our church isn't that big, but still...) but hey, why not? so over the edge i go, into a land that is so barren of the familiar and the safe and the comfortable but that is so full of God's promise.
4. ok, I started this post yesterday, and today, as I opened it trying to think of something to write about, I simply stared at a blank screen. I've been studying for exams (which is very exhausting) and the teachers are on edge and the students are on edge. we're all counting those days when the final exam can be submitted and we're free. I just finished a math review sheet and now I should probably do some english review, but i figured i should probably finish this blog post so you people know i haven't dropped off the face of the earth. and now i'm rambling, and my eyes are slowly closing...
5. So this morning, just to prove my point, i went to make some breakfast. i put the toast in the toaster, grabbed the peanut butter and put some on the toast. and then... i went to the sink, and put the peanut butter in the sink. it took me a minute of just staring at it to realize that wasn't where the peanut butter was supposed to go.
6. i feel like i have nothing else to say, which makes this a really bad 7 quick takes, and i should probably delete it, but i really wanted you to hear about those first 3 (?) things, mainly the third one. So, can we settle for 5 and a half quick takes???


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey, Alisha! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! Go check it out on my blog. :)

Nicole said...

Haha, Alisha, I literally laughed out loud at #5 (and my family looked at me like I was crazy...which is probably true). ;) I don't know why I found that so hilarious - probably because I can see myself doing the exact same thing. ;)

Oh, that's so great (#3)!! I wish I could be there to see you. ;) Yes, summer is amazing...hope your exams are going well! 5 and a half quick takes was perfect - so great to hear from you! :)

Love and blessings,
Nicole <3