Monday, June 25, 2012

Like a rocksong

Rock songs aren't pretty. They aren't the lullaby melody that is found in soft songs, and they aren't the get up and dance stuff that you find blaring from the headphones of every tween in america. It's eccentric, a little bit sexy and a little bit like broken glass, a little bit rough, like all the sound is being wrung out.
I, for one, am in love with rock music. It actually makes me sleepy (Which I've heard is kind of wierd.) I have this whole playlist on my Ipod called Anger management, and it's full of rock songs. Not like heavy metal, shrieking loud rock songs, just rock songs, a little rough around the edges, a little loud, a little bit like broken glass, a lot eccentric.
Sometimes you have to let the wild thing inside of you grow wings and go be whatever it wants to be.

I think I'm like a rock song. A bit eccentric, a bit wild and untamable, a bit rough around the edges, a bit like broken glass. It's not pretty, not soft spoken lullaby's or dance music blasting through speakers. It's all being wrung out.
 I think it's that tension that makes the song so beautiful.
It's the unbridled emotion that resides within the rock song, the rough around the edges genuine personality and flavor. I think the rock song isn't taming itself to become more graceful like the lullaby or more catchy like the pop song.
Rock songs contain fierceness, so raw and real and strange. In the song there's this story that is dying to be told, an uncontainable mystery.

I'm like a rock song, as these words are being played that are so fierce and raw and like broken glass. Ever notice how, when a musician is playing a song, he leans over the guitar, as if protecting the very notes that come from the most broken places within him, the place where music is born? It's like that, as I am leaning over in an effort to protect this song and to protect my heart.
My song isn't clean cut and all in a row. It's the frantic wail of a rock song, the loud pulsing beat, the thrashing and crying and howling and brokenness.

It's not perfect, or catchy, or easy. It's heart breakingly painful and raw and rough, eccentric like broken glass. It's a rock song, and it's me.

This is my rock song, real and alive, not defined or clean cut, but edgy and raw. It's wild and untamable. I don't want to spend my life holding in this rock song that isn't pretty or neat. I want to find these rock song chords that make up my melody, that hold in them all the passion and emotion, all the fierceness and brokenness that is within me.
I'm going to learn how to play my rocksong, how to let free all this fierceness, this noise that is eccentric like broken glass. Because it's the tension that makes the song so beautiful. It's the raw, real pain that makes it worth listening to.

I'm like a rock song. And I am going to find the chords of this song, and play the notes. I am going to set free this wild thing inside of me and let it find words and notes and let this eccentric broken glass become the echoes of a rock song.

Italics from You're more like a rocksong and lean in again and let it go by Natalie Lloyd

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