Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful for this day (just being as we near the end of exam week)

Tomorrow is the day of my final exam, and I can't wait! Not that I'm overly thrilled to be doing an exam, but I am so ready to be done.
And if you are thinking I spent today studying, you are wrong. I spent today in the sunshine, reading a book, trying out cool new at home natural recipes that are supposed to do cool things and making yummy food. And it's relaxing and I'm not stressed or freaking out. I'm surprisingly calm.
I'm feeling confident I'll do ok on the test tomorrow (Thanks to my wonderful math tutor!) so today I'm taking some time out of my day for me, to sit and relax and just be.
I was inside for all of half an hour today (While I made lunch) and I'm really not missing the TV, or any of the other things I would normally be using to keep myself occupied while my mom's working and the kids are at school. I'm just enjoying the sunshine, and feeling great, and not worrying about anything.
Today, I'm refusing to think of what could go wrong. I'm refusing to think about (Or stress about!) my exam. I know I'm prepared, I know I've done all these practice questions, and I know I will have one last chance to study at tutoring later today. I'm refusing to think about doctors and feeling sick and bad medical reports.
I'm just being, just sitting and enjoying today, because today is all I am promised.
And if this post makes no sense it is possibly because I've been sitting out in the sun all day, and right now the sun is shining down on my back so I can't see the computer screen without a glare.
And I have no idea if I am going to post this, but I just wanted to write and say that I am thankful for this day. I am thankful for the sunshine and the birds flying above me and for this opportunity to just be. I'm thankful for my wonderful math tutor who is helping me prepare for my exam tomorrow (Which i feel confident I will do well on) and I'm just thankful for this day.
So tell me, what are you thankful for today? And, if you're already done your exams (If you are, I am so jealous!) what are you doing to enjoy summer? And if you're not, best of luck to you, and remember, in the middle of this crazy exam week, take some time just to be, and to be thankful for this day.


Nicole said...

Yup, I'm done with school...I was so glad when I finally finished! :) This summer...well, I'm traveling around the Western US with my family in our (rented) RV, and having a wonderful time! :) Are you planning on doing anything special this summer?

And...I'm thankful for my amazing friends who text me asking how I'm doing and send me cards and fill me with even more joy in this wonderfully crazy life. ;) {if that makes sense}

Alisha said...

That makes lots of sense, I have friends like that too.
We're heading to Calgary/Edmonton beginning of July, and then to Vegas end of August.
So jealous that you are done your exams. by noon today, I will be too!