Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am 16 *
I am what I am
Don't you make me to be
Anything less than the true heart of me
If sixteen is a number
Then what could it mean?
Does it limit my thoughts, my passions, my dreams?
Take me out of your box
I have no place there
I'm too wild for that
It wouldn't be fair
If you say that you know me,
Then look inside me
And ask me the questions you think I'll hide
I'm perfectly willing to open your eyes
Are you too scared to look into mine?
I'm more than a song you've forgotten how to play
I'm more than the words you can't seem to say
If sixteen is a number
Then why do you care?
Does it change who I am
Or all that I've shared?
Don't you tell me the things you want me to be
Who are you to say what you think you should see
If I am what I am
then sixteen is my age
But it's not a number that defines me today

I've spent the morning listening to birthday songs. In the secret society of the sick, birthdays are a big deal. It's another year of life! And I've made it to 16!
Here's some of the birthday songs I've been listening to this morning... a little birthday treat for you

* Adapted from Wake Up Generation by Paige Omartian

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Alyson Schroll said...

Happy Birthday! You inspire me! Keep on writing girl, tell people your story : )