Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hospital Update

1 night down...
For those of you who don"t know,I am currently in the hospital for a glycosade trial. Glycosade is a super starch, similar to cornstarch but longer lasting. this is basically going to replace my feeding pump for overnight.
I got here yesterday, and the trial started last night.
So I thought, while I'm here in the internet cafe of the hospital, I'd give everyone a bit of an update.
So I got here yesterday, started my IV (Had to call in the best of the best, a doctor that works with my amazing doctor, Dr.M, but we did get it first try!) and then the trial started at 10.
I was actually really nervous because there was so much that could go wrong. I still am nervous!
I have some of the best friends,though, and a few of my friends, as well as the amazing team of people I work with over at DS, sent me amazing messages of encouragement, just reminding me they are with me every step of the way and hoping for the best.
The trial started last night, and it didn't quite go as planned (But then what do I ever do that does go exactly according to plan?!?!)
I took my first dose at 10pm, which I almost threw up. They were hoping to get this dose to last 6 hours, but at 3:30am I had to take another dose (5.5 hours). The next dose should have lasted me until 9am, but it didn't do that either and at 8:00am, my blood sugar was under 4.0 (Lasted me somewhere around 4.5 hours, I think.)
Tonight they're going to try again. I met with my doctors this morning and they are going to up my dose, just to see if that will hold me longer.
Looks like it's going to be another sleepless night, with nurses coming in every half an hour to an hour. The Glycosade is administered through my G-tube now, so I don't have to drink it, which is a huge relief. I'm still pretty nervous, though, about how everything will go.
I also have my MRI tonight which I'm also kind of worried about. I'm not so worried about the MRI itself, but more the results of it- which I'll get Friday morning.
If all goes well, I should hopefully be home Saturday.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts coming my way. I'll post more after the MRI, this next attempt with the Glycosade trial and when I get this IV out of my hand!

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