Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember

10 years ago today, I started kindergarten. I remember watching the twin towers fall on TV, mad because they had canceled my kids shows to show the news report.

Today, I am surrounded with images and video clips of that dreadful day. And through out it all, I can't help but remember this was the day I started kindergarten. Admist all the tragedy, with my backpack slung over my shoulders, I headed off to school.

I remember you- oh you who lost your life protecting North America

I remember you- oh parents who laid their child to rest

I remember you - oh people who boarded the plan and never came off

I remember you - heroes, who selflessly offered up your lives

I remember you - workers of Ground Zero

I remember you - The people who survived, but are forever scarred by the horrors they witnessed

I remember you - oh sweet little girl who started Kindergarten that day. You were not forgotten admist the horrors that came with this day. The importance of that day for you was not lost on me, sweet child. It is important to me, because you are important to me.

On this day, We remember

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