Monday, September 12, 2011

Midnight Songs

For some reason, this post just touched my heart today, and I wanted you all to read it. It's from the lovely Miss Natalie Llyod's blog, and it's beautiful. Go ahead and read it...

"I no longer imagined my scars as ugly, like I was a monster pieced and stitched together. Suddenly, they were curling and blooming onto a canvas - thorns at first, and then roses. They were a winding staircase into a secret tower. Instead of being long brands and labels, they curved and became the perfect papery imprint on a butterfly's wing. And when those wings hit the sunlight, they looked like a painting. Suddenly they were beautiful"

A quote from Natalie's Book, Paperdoll.

Praying for my best friend's tiny cousin who is in surgery today getting a port put in as she begins Chemo tomorrow. She's only 5. Please, keep her in your prayers.

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