Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Does Your Worth Come From?

Like most people who blog, I would assume, I love getting comments. I love that leap of excitement I get when I check my emails and find that one of you lovely people have commented on something that I wrote. I love the burst of energy I get when I see that one more person has been added to my following. Who doesn't? It's almost like those comments are validation, that I did a good job, that I was an inspiration to someone else, that I was good enough. That's what it is, isn't it? It's like in that moment, I have validation that I was good enough. Writing in a blog, sharing your heart to people everywhere, it's nerve wracking. Suddenly everyone can judge you, form their own opinions about you. And when I get a comment, when I get just *One more* added to my following, it's like I was good enough. This time, I was good enough. Here's what I realized the other night, when I was thinking about this. It's a couple things actually...
1. It doesn't matter how good I blogged that last day or how many comments I get on a post or how many followers I have, my worth is not found in any of it. My worth is not measured by how many followers I have or if anybody commented on that last post. When I get to heaven, God is not going to turn me away because I didn't have enough followers or didn't get enough comments on a post. My worth is found in God alone. My worth is not determined on the amount of comments I recieve or the amount of followers I have. Even if I get all the comments in the world, even if every human being from every country followed my blog, that wouldn't make me good enough. It would probably add more pressure, making me feel like I had to please everybody. My worth does not come from how well I did on that post or whatever, my worth comes from God.
2. I can't please everyone! No two people on this earth think exactly alike. Where as one person could totally be in love with what I wrote one day, another person could totally hate it. I can't make everyone happy. I blog and put what I feel out there for the entire world, or whoever is reading my blog, and they can judge, they can decide for themselves how they feel about it. Does that mean I should stop blogging because, oh well, I can't make everyone happy? Definatly not! I love blogging. I'm not going to stop because one person out there doesn't like it.
3. Like I mentioned earlier, I love comments. And I love followers. And that's not wrong. At the begining, when I first started this blog, I thought I would blog even if I had no followers, just because I loved writing down and putting what I wanted to say out there. Somewhere along the line, that changed and I began worrying about what other people thought of that last post. I need to get back to writing for me, letting other people form their own opinions. Like I said, not everyone will be inspired or moved by what i write. And that's ok. Comments and followers are ok, they're actually really amazing. I love all my followers and I love getting comments. I just realized my worth doesn't come from what they think, but from what God thinks.


Talia said...

Alisha ~ This post was meant for me. The thought has been running through my head a lot recently: "I don't like being not good enough." But what I really need to realize is that my worth doesn't have to be found in wordly things. I don't need to pity myself (and I SHOULDN'T pity myself) when I don't have all the followers I'd like or when I don't get a comment on a post that I think rocked. I find my worth in Jesus, not people. And nothing can change that or take that away.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I feel so bad about myself after I take 30mins to write a story or something and then NO ONE comments. But I know it means nothing to God so I am okay with it. I may not always comment but I do read your blog everyday, I really like it!