Friday, September 23, 2011

Keep Calm... and watch Grey's Anatomy

"You just have to know. And when you don't know? No one can fault you for it. You do what you can, when you can, while you can. When you can't, you can't."

Obsessions, addictions, we all have them to some degree. They are the thing that makes you feel better on a bad day. They are were you can lose yourself. I know I have mine. And today was one of those days when you just *need* to forget, to lose yourself in something and forget. So I did. In my lime green scrub pants, I sat on the couch, and watched episode after episode of Grey's Anatomy. I lost myself in Alex and Izzie and George and Callie's crazy love triangle. (If it has 4 sides, does that make it a square? a love square?) I lost myself in a guy cutting off his own foot and a boy trick or treating for ears. Hour after hour after hour, I sat there. And I did forget. I did forget what had me so upset from that morning. I did forget everything, and I was watching Grey's Anatomy, and I was happy. I know this sounds crazy, and it probably is. But sometimes it's nice to forget. Sometimes it's nice to not worry about everything that's going on that you can't fix, and take some time out... for you. Even if that means watching grey's in scrub pants, for hours.

When skys are grey, Grey's Anatomy is my only medication.


Tess said...

My obsession show is Heartland, I can loose myself in it and sometimes i never want to leave! lol :D

ohimesblog said...

I have never seen Grey`s Anatomy till now and I can`t stop watching it! It is really good!!