Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a Little Something to (Hopefully) Brighten Your Day...

As you probably know, Wednesdays are busy days for me. I have coffee break in the morning, and then school. Well today, we decided to go volunteer at the local SPCA. Now I love the SPCA. I love going and walking the dogs and playing with the cute little kitties, and today was no exception. The only problem with this venture is I become WAY to attatched and suddenly want to take home every stinkin animal in that shelter (Or somethin' like that.)
Anyway, like I said, we went to the SPCA today. We had already walked one dog, a highly energetic level 2er (They are given levels so volunteers know which ones are the easy walkers (1) and the really really hard ones (5). So after walking this bundle of energy, we decided to walk another dog. We found this one level 1er who looked adorable. So my mom took Jaxon to the bathroom, leaving me to rangle up this dog. Usually, it's not that hard. You step in the cage, clip on the leash and go.
Well, first step, I got into the cage. I was so worried about letting the dog out behind me that I closed the door, not even thinking. This dog was jumping all over me from the time I got into the cage. So I wrestled him so I could clip the leash onto his collar, and then discovered that "Houston, we have a problem." In my efforts to avoid letting the dog out, I had locked myself in the cage. Now I know these things are dog proof, but I figured if I could get my fingers through one of the tiny holes, I could let myself out. Why oh why did I have to be given such big fingers? I could reach through the holes, and touch the lock, but I couldn't get my finger around to grasp it enough to pull up. (Note, all through-out this adventure, I have a dog, jumping on my back.) The other dogs in the cages in the same room were barking at me like mad. I decided I would just wait for my mom to come back and let me out. Then I thought what if someone sees me, a human child, locked in a dog cage? They're going to think I'm stupid. I probably was at this point, but I tried again. This time I found a hole slightly bigger then the rest, shoved my finger through and opened the lock. Hurray, one problem solved. The dog was still a jumpy little rascal. We left the room and started out to the main hall. There's SO many doors in that place, and I wasn't sure which door led to the main door. So, we wandered the halls. up and down, and up this one again, and through that one. We were still searching for the enterance, when I realized we had another problem. I was basically tugging this dog along behind me, and some how, some way, he slipped OUT OF HIS COLLAR! Not the leash, but the collar. So now I was chasing a rambunctious collarless dog around the SPCA. I tried calling him, no luck. I tried tricking him, still no luck. Finally, I cornered him, wrapped my legs around his body to hold him still, and re-attatched the collar. It fit snug, and I was left to wonder how he could slide out of his collar. By this point, I was thinking that this dog was definatly not a level 1er. He kept jumping, and we went in search of the door. We found my mom and Jaxon coming in. I was shaking and freaking out. We decided this dog was definatly not a level 1er and took it back to his cage.

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you. That would have been what would have happened with me. Hahahah